TAEKWONDO POOMSAE also known as Pattern or Form is a set of skills consisting of stances, defense and attack techniques which are performed along an imaginary “line of movement” as illustrated below (Line of Movement for Introductory Poomsae, Preliminary Poomsae,Taeguek Poomsae and Koryo Poomsae respectively).



Each grade (Belt) has a different set of Poomsae(Pattern) and each advancing set includes new skills and techniques.
Below shown the type of technique introduced with each advancement (Please note that certain skill, technique or movement will not be stated).


[W10] Introductory Poomsae (16 steps) – White Belt

  • Easy Stance (aka Walking Stance)
  • Horse Riding Stance
  • High Raising Kick
  • Middle Section Punch
  • Middle Section Double Punch
  • Low Section Block
  • Low Section Twin Block
  • Middle Section Defensive Block (aka Guarding Block)

[W9] Preliminary Poomsae (16 steps) – White Belt with Yellow Tips

  • Forward Stance
  • Front Kick
  • High Section Upward Block

[Y8] Taeguek Il Jang (18 steps) – Yellow Belt

  • Middle Section Inward Block

[Y7] Taeguek E Jang (18 steps)  – Yellow Belt with Green tip

  • High Section Punch

[G6] Taeguek Sam Jang (20 steps) – Green Belt

  • Back Stance
  • High Section Knife Hand Chop (Neck)
  • Middle Section Knife Hand Block

[G5] Taeguek Sa Jang (20 steps) – Green Belt with Blue Tips

  • High Side Kick
  • Middle Section Knife Hand Thrust
  • Middle Section Double Knife Hand Block (aka Defensive Knife Hand Block)
  • Middle Section Palm Downward Block
  • High Section Knife Hand Upward Block
  • Middle Section Outward Block
  • High Section Back Fist Strike

[B4] Taeguek O Jang (20 steps) – Blue Belt

  • L-Shape Stance
  • Cross Stance
  • Hammer Fist Downward Strike (Shoulder)
  • Elbow Strike

[B3] Taeguek Yuk Jang (19 steps) – Blue Belt with Red Tips

  • Turning Kick
  • High Section Knife Hand Outward Block
  • High Section Outward Block
  • Middle Section Palm Inward Block

[R2] Taeguek Chil Jang (25 steps)- Red Belt

  • Cat Stance
  • Inward Crescent Kick
  • Knee Upward Strike
  • High Section Back Fist Outward Strike
  • Twin Upset Punch
  • Middle Section Side Punch
  • Low Section Double Knife Hand Block
  • Middle Section Inner Forearm Outward Block
  • Middle Section Twin Outward Block
  • Low Section Cross Block (aka Wedge Block)

[R1] Taeguek Pal Jang (27 steps) – Red Belt with Black Tips

  • Modified Forward Stance
  • Double Front Kick
  • Jumping Front Kick
  • High Section Upset Punch
  • High Section Inner Forearm Outward Block

By Tan Beng Hua